The NHLBI Primate Center for Gene Therapy (PCGT) facilitates the translation of gene therapy research for NHLBI-funded investigators. The PCGT provides preclinical services for the gene therapy research community primarily in heart, lung, and blood diseases as reflected in the NHLBI Mission (http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/about/org/mission.htm). Requests by investigators to conduct preclinical gene therapy research studies that are consistent with the missions of other NIH Institutes are also considered by the PCGT.


The overarching goals are to: (1) evaluate the safety and efficiency of gene transfer strategies as they emerge, (2) use established and new nonhuman primate models across the lifespan to assess approaches for heart, lung, and blood diseases, and (3) provide NHLBI-funded investigators with essential expertise, services, and resources to enhance preclinical, translational, and IND-enabling research for gene therapy.


The PCGT provides services, personnel, expertise, and resources to meet investigator needs. Any investigator funded by the NHLBI is eligible to submit a Request for Services Application (RSA). RSAs are carefully reviewed by expert advisors and recommendations made to the NHLBI. The first step is for investigators to register before submitting an RSA (see Investigator Registration page).



Investigators must be conducting gene therapy-related research at a research institution in the United States.